Helpful tips to keep in mind, FAQs:

When should I have the animals arrive to my event?

For birthday parties- sometimes guests run late. If you plan to start your party with the petting zoo, we recommend you state an earlier arrival time than our start time on your invitations. This will ensure everyone is present and doesn't miss out on any time with the animals!

For events- If you don't book us for the full duration of your event, it is best to have us start at the beginning. This makes parking and set up much easier for us, and nobody is stuck watching and waiting for the animals to be ready...because once they start arriving we will already be good to go!

What is the best age for the petting zoo?

Animal lovers come in all ages! Younger children (3 and under) tend to have shorter attention spans, but really do enjoy the petting zoo while that is their focus. Often times we notice that the adults spend the most time in the pen hanging out and spending time with the animals.  

What can we do to help prepare for your visit?

We're so glad you asked! Having a safe and sensible parking space available for our minivan is essential. We always ask to have a spot set aside PRIOR to our arrival in order for us to be set up on time. Waiting for vehicles to be moved or having a far away parking spot will cut into our set up time, resulting in your time with the animals being cut short.

 We need to be parked as close to the set up site as possible, the closer the better! There is a lot of fencing, animals, and equipment to carry which requires several trips between the site and the van. It is okay if we can't stay parked near the set up site (events), we are more than happy to pull to another parking area while the event is taking place.

-If you're planning an indoor event, try to choose a location that has an outside door to the parking lot. PLEASE notify us before booking if there is a lot of walking involved, more than a short flight of stairs, or if we will need to use an elevator. If we are not aware that special accommodations need to be made, we will likely not be set up on time, cutting into your overall experience.

-If you are having a live band or a DJ outdoors, the animals need to be set up as far from the speakers as possible. If you are planning this for an indoor event, such as a hall, the music will need to remain off from the beginning of our set up until the end of our breakdown. It is too loud indoors for their sensitive ears.

-Probably the most helpful: reminding children (and sad to say, some adults too) that all animals are living creatures who deserve to be treated with kindness, gentleness, and respect.