The petting zoo is a great addition to any occasion or event!

The animals.

All of the petting zoo animals live with us on our little 3 acre farm in Rehoboth, MA. They aren't just our pets, but we consider them to be our furry and feathered family! Being raised with love and kindness has rewarded us with the most sweet natured animals. They are all very friendly and affectionate, and really do enjoy interacting with people! Cleanliness and proper care of our pets is of top priority, at home and out on the road. Everyone has all necessary and required vaccinations and a clean bill of health from our state veterinarian. We have also voluntarily gone through a rigorous process in order to be licensed by the USDA and they fully regulate our services.

Who do we bring?

Generally we bring 2 to 3 baby goats, 4 to 8 baby bunnies, 2 to 3 Silkie chickens, 1 to 2 piglets, an adult duck or 2, and sometimes 1 or 2 adult rabbits. Occasionally we will travel with chicks, ducklings, and a lamb as well.

The number and age of the animals can vary depending on the season, but we always bring the youngest and the largest number that are available to travel.

What is your set up like?

We set up one large pen for all of the animals. The pen has two gates for ease of entering and exiting. The pen is also fully handicap accessible making it easy for wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistance equipment to enter without difficulty. 

Our standard set up requires an approximate area of 15 feet by 15 feet. A (pesticide free) grassy area is what the animals enjoy best! But we are able to set up on other outdoor surfaces such as pavement, mulch, dirt, etc. We will NOT set up on astro-turf since it is impossible to thoroughly clean that surface during our visit and prior to our departure.  

If your location requires an indoor set up, we do provide a large tarp to cover the floor. Although we can set up on carpet, a hard surface type of floor is ideal.

When the outdoor temperature is above 65 degrees we require a semi to fully shaded area for the animals. This can be natural shade (that won't disappear before our visit is over), a tent, or a pop up canopy.

WE DO NOT CANCEL! For instances of rain or heavy wet snow, we require a covered set up area such as the above listed shade options; or an alternative set up space such as a garage, basement, or indoors.

What happens during your visit?

We will arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to your designated start time to set up. Once we're ready, attendees are welcomed into the pen to pet, brush, and feed (hay) the animals. An Animal Affair attendant is present at all times to supervise, answer questions, and share information about the animals.

Certain animals are able to be held at small gatherings such as birthday parties, nursing homes, and special needs groups.

We DO NOT wrap our animals in blankets. Instead we teach the proper way to hold them which ensures comfortability for all, and gives them the ability to move freely. 

We also DO NOT put diapers on anyone. Instead the animals are able to relieve themselves naturally, not on themselves. Any waste is cleaned immediately and discarded.

For large events, public events, events spanning multiple hours, or events where there is a consistent turn over of visitors; the animals can NOT be held. This is strictly enforced for the animal's safety and well being. 

What about the mess?

During our visit, any and all waste is cleaned and removed promptly. Prior to our departure the set up area is thoroughly raked or swept and everything is taken with us when we leave.

Hand sanitizer is always provided for post-petting hygiene. 

The petting zoo is perfect for:

Birthday parties, schools, daycare centers, nursing homes, special needs programs, company picnics, scouts groups, fundraisers, festivals, church picnics, graduation parties, wedding receptions, libraries, summer camp programs, baby showers, and just because!

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